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         Displaying web ads in InFocus News, Palo Alto High School's broadcast news station which also broadcasts regionally, is an effective way to reach the 2500 students and staff at Palo Alto High School, as well as over 6700 community viewers in the South Bay Area and Peninsula. In addition, advertising through InFocus supports the award-winning journalism program at Palo Alto High School and enables the students of Palo Alto High School to continue publishing ethical journalism content with high-quality mediums.

         Each episode of InFocus is broadcasted to the entire school as well as additional content that is published online and on Channel 27, 28, and 16. Our average viewers per week are 10000, and our website reaches about 500 page-clicks a day. This makes advertising on the InFocus website one of the most effective ways to reach Palo Alto residents who have teenage children.

         InFocus’s business team would be happy to help you design an ad or run your own web ads. Our ad sizes are usually 300x250px or 728x90px but can be adjusted to your needs. We look forward to serving you and helping you reach your business goals.


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