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BULLETIN 9-13-19

Paly's yearbook publication, Madrono, would like to remind all seniors to submit their baby ads and senior portraits. Both are due on October 11th. More information can be found at Parking enforcement for staff and students starts Monday. In order to park on campus between 8am and 4pm, students must have a valid parking permit. Please see Ms. Giffen in the tower building for a permits. The Paly esports team is holding tryouts for its Rainbow 6 Siege team to compete in the Fall season of the High School Esports League. Competitors will compete with dozens of other teams from around the country for huge prize pools and the first place title. All players interested should send an email to as soon as possible to secure a spot. ASB has many events that will occur in the following two weeks. The Intramural Volleyball tournament takes place Monday through Friday of next week on the quad at lunch, signups close today! Go to link to sign up! Club Day is next tuesday, the 17th. The day will include an extended lunch on the quad, with 90+ unique clubs looking for new members! Enjoy free food and browse some diverse clubs! Quadsidelands takes place on the quad from September 18-20 at lunch, headliners are PALYCE, Good Fast Cheap, and Oscars Band Tribute Band Tribute Band. Come for the free food, free activities, free wristbands, and festival themed dress-up on Friday! Students who want to hear some music by high school artists should head over to the Teen Arts Council's Open Mic Night this Friday. The event will take place from 7:30-9:00pm at the mitchell park community center and is free for all teenagers.