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BULLETIN 10-7-19

We have a lot of colleges visiting tomorrow and Wednesday. Those on campus tomorrow include Miami University, Oxford at 9:05am, McMaster University (Canada) at 10:50, DePauw University at 12:15, University College London at 1 and Georgetown University 1:55. Wednesday visits include Southern Methodist University at 8:20am, Trinity College at 10:05, Northeastern University at 10:50, Colorado College at 12:15pm, NYU Shanghai at 1, and University of the Pacific at 2:50 The PAUSD fall career and job fair is a great chance for students looking for a job to meet employers, submit job applications, conduct onsite interviews, and even get job offers on the spot. The event will take place Friday, October 18th from 11:00am to 12:30pm. The Wellness Resource Fair will have local agencies, organizations, and student clubs sharing resources and information about all things wellness! With each activity that students participate in, they will be able to earn a raffle ticket for different prizes. Students are invited to come to the plaza in front of the PAC during Tutorial on Tuesday October 15th where they can sign in for the period.