BULLETIN 10-19-21

This year, InFocus has a new schedule for our morning announcements! With the exception of special weeks, InFocus will be airing video announcement shows on Tuesday and Thursday morning. To watch the show on these days, visit either the InFocus Youtube Channel at www.youtube.com/infocusnews, or go to www.infocusnews.tv. On Wednesdays and Fridays, the show will be on the PA announcements. This schedule is subject to change.

There are two scholarship applications with upcoming deadlines! The Nancy Thorp Poetry Contest for Young Women, and the Flight Training Scholarships both have an October 31st Deadline. For a full list of all scholarships (and details) login to Naviance; click on the "Colleges" hyperlink in the top navigation, then click select on the "Scholarship List" from the "Scholarships and Money" section.

Hey Vikings! For anyone who is interested in learning about medicine, as well as teaching and giving back to the community, join Paly's Youth in Medicine Outreach club today! The club strives to teach elementary and middle school students about medicine. They meet monthly in the Media Suite every Wednesday at lunchtime -- a low time commitment for meetings. Every meeting, there are snacks and medical presentations. Sign up to become a member by contacting paly.ymo@gmail.com and join our mailing list for updates and announcements.

Vikings! Remember to sign up for this Wednesday's PRIME! The deadline to sign up is TODAY AT 11 AM! If you don't sign up for a location, you will be automatically placed in one for this week, so please do so if you have not already!