BULLETIN 11-18-21

Hey Paly students!

Do you play VALORANT or League of Legends? This Thanksgiving break, the Bay Area High Schools Esports League is hosting tournaments for these two games. The playoffs will be on Saturday, November 27th, and Sunday, the 28th. Join our Discord server for more information at the link on screen. (https://discord.gg/dymaXzRUbD.) Playoffs and drafting will be live streamed on Twitch at twitch.tv/BayAreaESports1.com.

At Alto Hacks, we are looking for students interested in business, STEM, art, and web design to plan the first-ever Alto Hacks Hackathon. Hackathons are an event where hundreds of students from around the world come together to participate in a two day online event with fun activities, workshops, guest speakers and the chance to create projects to win prizes. Please go to bit.ly/altohacks for more information.

There are 2 upcoming scholarship deadlines in two weeks. The Leonard L. Milberg High School Poetry Prize has a deadline of November 28th, and the KenyonReview, Patricia Grodd Poetry Prize for Young Writers has a deadline of November 30th.