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BULLETIN 12-01-20

If you need any announcements aired before finals, please be sure to message us at before 4 pm tonight to get it in! Don't worry though, we'll still be airing shows on Channel 28 for a few more weeks.

Interested in broadcast journalism? Infocus still has open spaces for next semester, and would love to add you to the team. To comply with eligibility, students must have taken one semester of video production, photo, or beginning journalism in High School OR at their respective middle school, taken broadcast journalism. You can also take intro to broadcast to fulfill the prerequisite requirements while still being a part of the program. Those interested should contact their guidance consoler.

This week, sophomores have advisory.

On Wednesday, there will be three information sessions for the following colleges and universities. IDC Herzliya- Raphael Recanati International School is at 12:35 PM on Wednesday. Later, Career Explorations will be holding their panel "Internships & Work Experience: Gap Time as Career Exploration" at 3:30 PM, while

Terrific 10 College Exploration Series will wrap up at 6:30 PM.


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