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BULLETIN 12-03-20

College visits are coming to a close this year, with only a couple more left. National portfolio day hosts one of its final sessions of the year during its weekly time of 10:00 AM Saturday.

Concluding the week, Exploring College Options is holding one of its final panels at 3:00 PM Sunday afternoon, featuring Duke University, Georgetown University, the University of Pennsylvania, Stanford University, and Harvard College.

Interested in giving back this holiday season? PALY YSC-Interact is hosting a toy drive in partnership with Laurens House 4 Positive Change to support at-risk youth with incarcerated parents. Those looking to donate should follow the link on the screen and plan to drop their gift by the 6th or sooner at one of the three listed locations. Those seeking more information should contact the email on the screen.

(Link: Drop off locations: 2150 Park Blvd, 859 Forest Ave, 906 Van Auken Circle, email: