BULLETIN 12-2-21

Teaspoon is hosting a fundraiser today to build wells with clean drinking water in Africa! Please help support this cause by ordering your favorite drink at teaspoon today, and they will donate a portion of their sales to help support this cause.

Winter Athletic Tickets are now Available! Visit Palyathletics.com to get individual game tickets or download your ASB Season Pass. Beginning Monday, December 6th, all tickets sales will be digital. Remember to wear a mask at all indoor events. No food or drink is allowed inside the gym.

Interested in joining ASB? Pick up an appointed application in room 502 or find the link on schoology. The two positions open are publicity commissioner and clubs commissioner. Publicity commissioner is open to all grades, but clubs commissioner is only open for sophomores and up. Turn your applications in by December 8th in room 502 by 1pm. Go to @palyasb on instagram for more info.