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BULLETIN 2-16-2021

Paly ASB is hosting a virtual course selection fair on Tuesday, February 16, during lunch. If you have questions about things like the workload, the content, or the environment of the class, this event will allow you to speak with students who have already taken the class. For more information, visit the link on screen. (

Club fair for semester two took place last Wednesday. Club meetings begin this week. Students who would like to join a club, but missed the club fair should visit the link on screen to learn more about them.


The deadline for the Upwind Summer Scholarship is February 19th, and the SWE SCV Scholarship deadline is February 21st.

Yearbook photos and student ID photos are due this week, by no later than February 18th. When taking it, make sure to watch the video tutorial first. When you are ready to upload, go to the link on screen ( It's best to have someone else take the photo of you and to use a phone. If you have any questions or concerns, Brian Wilson at