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BULLETIN 3-18-2021

The Paly football team has initiated a fundraiser that will help bring some life back to campus while benefiting Palo Alto activities. Similar to pro and college athletics, Paly Athletics would like to gather school spirit by purchasing a stand-in cut-out of you, your favorite celebrity, or a pet to be placed around campus in various areas. Orders must be placed by tomorrow, Friday, March 19th.

The wellness department is hosting a week full of discussions and activities available to educate you about mental wellness! Day 1 will be Water and Hydration, Day 2 is Meditation, Day 3 is Managing School Stress, Day 4 is Sleep and Rest, and Day 5 is Destigmatizing Mental Health. Wellness Week is a great opportunity to learn new things.

Another series of events is PALY Career Month which kicks off tomorrow during advisory and is followed by the Career Speaker Series every day during lunch from March 22nd – 26th, with a live Q&A by professionals in various industries. For more information, contact the Work Experience Teacher: Rachael Kaci, at, or visit the link on-screen (


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