BULLETIN 9-9-2021

College Visits are starting back up this fall with both virtual and in-person options. Today, Purdue University is hosting a virtual ON CAMPUS visit at the Paly College and Career Center at 10:50 AM. Tomorrow, 5 Colleges are hosting visits. Beloit College, The University of California at San Diego, The University of Arizona, and Southern Oregon University are hosting virtual visits at the CCC, as well as Northwestern University which will be hosting their visit at the Haymarket Theater at 2:00 PM.

To attend a visit, please sign up on Naviance, and fill out a prior approval form from the attendance office, if you are missing class. For more information, email scernobori@pausd.org.

Are you interested in history? Paly's National History Day club is a historical research club aimed at providing a space for interested students to discuss and learn about a wide variety of historical topics, as well as analyze and research unique and novel perspectives. Additionally, participants have the option to work together to compete in National History Day, a historical research competition. All interested should sign up for National History Day club on club day. For any questions, contact palynhd@gmail.com.

The Robertson Scholars Program has a deadline of TODAY!. For more details as well as a full list of all scholarships, login to Naviance; click on the "Colleges" hyperlink in the top navigation, then click select the "Scholarship List" from the "Scholarships and Money" section.

Attention All Students, We can use your help taking notes for the classes you are currently enrolled in. Contact palynotesadmin@pausd.org for additional information or questions you may have.

If you are a student under the age of 18 with a paid job, you must request another work permit as all work permits expire at the start of the school year. Please visit office 711 during brunch or email rkaci@pausd.org for more info.

If you are interested in joining the Paly Sciecne Olympiad team, sign up on club day and attend the information session on Monday, September 13th at lunch in room 1702 . Please visit palyscioly.org or email paloaltoscioly@gmail.com for more information!

The Peer Tutoring Center in room 408 is now open. Stop by if you're interested in becoming a tutor or if you are in need of a tutor.

There's a new ticketing system that makes it easier than ever to see your fellow Vikings in action! With the purchase of a $30 ASB card you will have access to all athletic events for free for the rest of the year. Go to PalyAthletics.com for more information.

Gunn Ultimate frisbee is looking for players for the 2021-22 season, no prior experience is required and tryouts take place today and on September 11th and 12th. check out the posters around campus or go to tinyurl.com/Gunntryouts2021 to learn more

Parking enforcement will begin Wednesday, Sept. 15. Senior and juniors are welcome to pick up the parking application in front of the ASB Bookkeeper's office in the Tower Building. Fill it out and return by next week.

Have you completed 100 or more hours of community service within a 12 month period? You can apply for a President's Volunteer Service Award. You can check out the Community Service page on Paly.net or the recent Schoology post for instructions. All hours must be reported on HelperHelper. Deadlines for the PVSA are: seniors, Sept 15th, underclassmen, Sept 29th. Freshmen, your HelperHelper accounts have been activated and you should have received an email with your log in information.