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BULLETIN 9-29-20

The Madrono Senior content deadline is coming up quick!

All submissions for baby ads, senior portraits, and other senior content should be submitted by October 16th at the latest. For more info, go to

Kicking off Wednesday morning we have The New School @ 8:10 AM. Following that High Point University will be at 8:55 AM; Gonzaga University at 9:55 AM: University of California-Berkeley at 12:35 PM; Bryn Mawr College at 1:00 PM; Marymount Manhattan College at 2:00 PM; and finally Azusa Pacific University at 3:10 PM.

For Thursday, wake up with Villanova University at 8:20 AM; succeeding is Knox College at 9:15 AM; Northern Arizona University at 10:40 AM; Sierra Nevada College at 12:35 PM; Purdue University at 2:00 PM; Virginia Commonwealth University at 3:10 PM; and finally Six colleges presenting - Campus Life and Building a Community at 4:00 PM.


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